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Asbestos to be Eliminated from the UK in 40 Years

Asbestos to be eliminated from the UK. How it happened

You may be surprised to learn that Asbestos remains the biggest cause of work-related deaths in the UK, with more than 5,000 fatalities recorded in 2019. In response to this startling figure, the United Kingdom’s Work and Pensions Committee has proposed a 40-year timeline to complete the regulated removal of all long-standing legacy asbestos from public and commercial buildings. 

The proposal has been taken to the House of Commons with a recommendation that the government and Health and Safety Executive incorporate the findings into their approach to asbestos management. Implementation of this directive could be groundbreaking. 

Why is Asbestos so dangerous?

Asbestos is a natural mineral once used in multiple industries due to its ability to resist heat and strengthen almost any compound in which it was mixed. However, we know know that Asbestos becomes a huge risk to health if the microscopic fibres are inhaled or ingested. These fibres are known o cause serious health issues including:

The government have said that there are still 300,000 commercial buildings in the U.K. that could contain asbestos. This makes the challenge of achieving a “net-zero” level of asbestos in the U.K. eye-watering to say the least.

The 40-year roadmap to eliminating Asbestos

Asbestos was banned in the UK in 1999, and measures have since been passed through legislation to enhance safety standards covering legacy asbestos. This road map aims to go a step further by eliminating Asbestos from the UK completely. Some of the highlights of this recommendation can be found below:

  • Design and implementation of a framework for the measurement of asbestos exposure in non-domestic buildings
  • Work with local councils to review and share evidence related to air monitoring of asbestos in buildings
  • Enhance inspection and enforcement activity 
  • Strict requirements for accredited and licensed asbestos removal contractors
  • Develop a strategic plan that adheres to the 40-year timeline to remove all Asbestos from all buildings and achieve the net-zero result.

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